Our current crop of jMaki widgets is quite extensive, but we are always looking to expand the collection. See the gallery for the list of widgets currently available in jMaki. We are also looking for contributions for other areas of the project. On this page, you'll find more information on the many ways you can participate in and contribute to the jMaki project. Checkout the contributor spotlight page and see who is contributing to jMaki.


jMaki on the web

Here are just a few of the websites that use jMaki.

Getting help

There's a couple of places to reach other jMaki developers.

Technical Discussions and Schedules

The jMaki the wiki hosts discussions on the data models and the task list for the upcoming release of jMaki.

Contribute Code

We are always looking for bug fixes, enhancements or ports to new libraries. If you have code that you want to contribute to jMaki please follow the process below.


Additional documentation is here.  See tips and blogs for more information.