The jMaki framework gives you a simple way to create Ajax applications Use the resources on this page to learn how to use jMaki in your existing web applications, see how to drag and drop widgets using the latest plugin for your favorite IDE, discover how to develop your own jMaki widgets, and much more.

New to jMaki?

Some of the key benefits for using jMaki are described in Why use jMaki?.

jMaki Quick Start Guides

Tool Support

While jMaki does not require a tool to use we do have great toolking support with Eclipse Plugin and the Netbeans Plugin. Both plugins make it simple to build jMaki applicaitons in minutes.


There are several samples to help you get started learning how to write applications using jMaki. Learn how to load data in the widgets, extract data from a widget, create mashups and use the charting widget. All samples have a Java and PHP version.

Questions? Ask us on the forum.