jMaki NetBeans Plugin

Welcome to the jMaki project NetBeans Plugin. You can use the jMaki framework in your web applications without an IDE, but the NetBeans 5.5 plugin makes it very easy to create jMaki enabled Web Application.

Do you want to see the jMaki plugin in action?
Here is the latest screencast (oct 2006) (audio and video).

Here is the first screencast (audio and video).

If you are using NetBeans 5.5, or later (daily builds), you can get  the jMaki plugin NBM file (NetBeans Module) from the download area, and install it. Once the plugin is downloaded, use the NetBeans Tools | Update Center menu item, and select the "Install Manually Downloaded Modules (.nbm Files). check box.

You can also download the NetBeans Ajax Update center module as a NBM file and intall it in NetBeans. Once installed, you'll have access to the latest jMaki builds (and other Ajax related technology like Phobos) from the NetBeans IDE.

update center 1

update center 2